GeneValue™ Library Solution

For research use only
Modular Library Preparation System
Core module – library preparation reagent kits for target sequencing or for whole genome sequencing
Panel module – ready-to-use targeted panels and custom designed panels for any genome
Consist of 3 units:
Extra module – adapters, indices, barcodes compatible with various NGS platforms
Key Benefits
Suitable for Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific and MGI platforms
Number of unique index combinations - 768
Custom target panel with specialized services
Three-step manufacturing quality control
How does it works?
Third step. Select the Panel module
Appoint one of the ready-to-use focused panels or prepare data for creation the customized primer panel for target sequencing
Second step. Select the Extra modules
Designate adapters, primers, indices for your own NGS platforms in appropriate configuration
First step. Select the Core module
For target DNA sequencing use GeneValue™ U-target DNA
For whole genome sequencing use GeneValue™ G-fragmentation
GeneValue™ Oligos – adapters, indexes, barcodes for Illumina, Ion Torrent and MGI*
*under development
GeneValue™ U-target DNA – library preparation reagents for target DNA sequencing
GeneValue™ G-fragmentation – library preparation reagents for whole genome sequencing
GeneValue™ Custom Panel – custom designed target panels for any genome
GeneValue™ Ready-U-panel – ready-to-use targeted panels