We can develop and manufacture a complete solution based on the next-generation high-throughput sequencing method, with automatic data analysis carried out according to your technical specifications. Alternatively, we can supply reagents and test systems for your OEM production.


Complete turnkey solution
Mode of operations
Study of the object
In order to select target regions in the genome, our specialists immerse themselves in the topic of the planned research by analysing the available information, including publications, databases, etc.
Formation of the annotation base
For the selected target regions, a list of genetic variants is formed from general and specialised databases. Although all variants are automatically annotated, the most significant ones are manually checked by the curator. The annotated database thus created will be used to analyse the sequencing results.
Panel design
After the target regions are chosen and agreed with the customer, primers are selected using specially developed algorithms that minimise the number of amplicons for the target regions.
In silico validation
The panel is assessed for the presence of difficult-to-sequence regions, such as extended homopolymers, short tandem repeats, pseudogenes and homologues.
Data analysis
After assembling the data analysis pipeline (algorithm) and drawing up requirements for the user interface, either the existing software is configured, or a new software product is developed.
In vitro validation
The panel is sequenced on the basis of customer-supplied or commercial reference samples. Parameters that are relevant for each specific panel are evaluated with the help of specialised software. In general, this consists in a coverage analysis involving a determination of analytical sensitivity and specificity.
Client-side validation
The demo kit is supplied to the customer with access to the software for validation to be carried out on his or her own samples.
Clinical validation
Produced as an option if you need to obtain of the CE-IVD certification.
Supply of reagents and test systems for OEM
We supply components and ready-made test systems for production in various formats – finished products, large packaging for filling, as well as customised packaging on customer request.